Relief For Low Back Pain

I had lunch today with my son John. We were talking about ways I could get my message out to people. John suggested I start blogging, “I already have a blog” I said, “but the only comments I get are from spammers trying to sell me Michael Kors tasseled handbags”. “you have to start letting the people you know know about your blog”, said John. That’s just common sense, I guess.

So here I am, letting you know. I’m hoping you’ll remember me from our Mindfulness classes over the past six years or so.. You’ll probably have noticed how the word “Mindfulness” has been popping up more and more in the media over these few years. They even have a magazine now called Mindful.

That brings me to my message. I’m a healer. What does that mean? My job is to help people to heal themselves. I teach and assist people to relieve lower back pain so they can continue to live a full life.

I want to get this message out to as many people as I can. Low back pain, according to some statistics, is the most common pain, and can be truly crippling. I have spent many days on my back, waiting to get some kind of relief from my severe pain. I used to wonder what my chances were that I could hobble across an intersection before the traffic light changed. Chiropracty provided some relief. I tried acupuncture but that actually made things worse. My only comfort was the acupuncturist didn’t charge me for the treatment.

All that happened during my late thirties. I don’t remember how I started to hurt. I was about forty two when I started to practice Zen Meditation and self-hypnosis, both of which played a big part in my recovery, I also learned some simple yoga exercises. Almost immediately, I started running upstairs again and started jogging. There was no more of the crippling misery I had endured for three or four years. I’m in my eighties now and still free, although i still have to work out some kinks during my morning mindfulness practice.

Over the years I’ve studied how Yoga and Mindfulness relieve pain, especially low back pain. there’s solid scientific evidence to support it’s effectiveness. I’m going to say a lot more about this in future blogs.I’m looking forward to hearing your story, if not about you personally, then about somebody you know.