Mindfulness is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is not religious. It has excellent potential for healing everyday problems – stress, pain,unhappiness, growing older, loss, chronic illness, guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, dying and grieving.
It has also been demonstated to increase happiness, wellness, wellbeing, aging well, improving the mind, simplifying life“The facts of our lives are not as important as our attitudes toward them” Victor Frankl
Mindfulness practice will enable you to find the way to your heart, come into rhythm with yourself, sense the mystery and magic of your self, recapture your own life afresh, from within, examine your life within its larger contexts of value and purpose, discover an order and a familiarity, which deepens with time, probe and light those secret, unmet aspirations, and dreams that have been packed away in the shadows, make space for new growth, seek out what shaped your path, what you might be hiding from, what you have lost along the way.
How does Mindfulness work?
At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Richard Davidson has used brain imaging to show that meditation shifts activity in the prefrontal cortex (right behind our foreheads) from the right hemisphere to the left. Davidson’s research suggests that by meditating regularly, the brain is reoriented from a stressful fight‐or‐flight mode to one of acceptance, a shift that increases contentment.
People who have a negative disposition tend to be right‐prefrontal oriented; left-prefrontals have more enthusiasms, more interests, relax more and tend to be happier, though perhaps with less real estate.